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Why do I write? Why do any of us write? A part of my purpose here is to refine my writing skills. Yet another purpose is to mark down my learnings and even teach myself when I re-read these entries.

I’ve been on a book reading binge this past month and have gone through 15+ books in the past four weeks. For me, books open a whole new world and mindset beyond what one can experience in day-to-day life. Sure, we can wait for epiphanies to emerge when we live. These are just as valuable. But reading offers a new context for me to think about new ideas.

Despite the tsunami of information around us, it is harder for us to engage in our own critical thinking. Even I feel like I’ve been off-balance by consuming more information than I produce.

From here on, I plan to write on a more frequent basis. The purpose is not to become a famous author but rather to grow, develop and refine myself.

I believe that the purpose of life is growth.

Humans, like other animals and plants, are naturally inclined to grow as much as they can. This explains the insatiable desire that we have within each one of us for “more”. More money, more happiness, more external markers of success.

There is a myth that in order to be happy, we need to stop desiring more and be content with where we are. But this goes against the fundamental nature of who we are as humans. Rather, the solution is to embrace our need to grow and to desire more.

But to do so, consciously and to do, with intent.




Musician. Social Entrepreneur. Lawyer.

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Steven Ngo

Steven Ngo

Musician. Social Entrepreneur. Lawyer.

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