The one about police reporting

  1. First, I’d like to see reporting forms in more languages. While we now have reporting forms in English and 7 languages, we are still missing Hindi, Farsi, Arabic, Spanish and French. I understand that these translations are underway, but we still haven’t seen any progress since last month.
  2. Second, I’d like to modernize the reporting forms. Right now, people need to print off the form, fill them out by hand and scan them in before they can file a report. We don’t need to add unnecessary friction points here. These PDFs need to be fillable to allow people to type in the PDFs. I know there were concerns about having to purchase a special program to convert the PDFs. My team has already done the legwork and we converted all 8 forms into fillable PDFs using Adobe and sent them to the VPD yesterday.
  3. Third, I’d like to see reference materials created in multiple languages. I understand that this is underway but we need to see this earlier than later. Montreal has heard our call, and they have expanded their reference materials to seven languages.
  4. Fourth, I’d like to work with the VPD public relations team and get a news release out about the progress made and forms created. This really serves two purposes: first, it raises awareness to encourage people to use them, and second, this is a public relations opportunity. Even I am feeling a bit jaded by all of this negative press, but there is an opportunity to shape the narrative here. I’ve had media interviews with The Vancouver Sun and CKNW 980 where I have praised the work of the VPD — I know that this is a story that will be picked up quickly by the media so let’s amplify it.
  5. Finally, and this is the most important ask, I’d like to ask the board for your help. I love this city and I’m equally as frustrated by the negative news. But I really want to leverage the work done so far and use Vancouver as an example to police boards across BC. I understand that VPD is part of the BC Association of Police Boards, and if you are open, my ask is to speak at the next meeting about why this matters and how we can make reporting hate crimes as accessible as possible.



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Steven Ngo

Steven Ngo

Musician. Social Entrepreneur. Lawyer.